Finals are over!

I had to write three finals this week that were brutal… I should hear back this week about final grades and stuff.. it’s always so stressful!

I was pleasantly surprised this week with the arrival of a much awaited package. My nuun supply finally arrived via the bf! I was a bit worried after I ordered these new flavours. I made the mistake of reading the reviews about them AFTER I had ordered them and they weren’t so great. I tried the wild berry (pink one) for my long run today though and it was pretty tasty.

nuun pic

I accomplished another 18 km long run today! It didn’t feel as easy as my long run last weekend but I took 3 minutes off my time and finished in 1:54.


Next weekend is the Sun Run! I’m looking forward to the Sun Run Fair (just cause I like all the free snacks) and might check out the Exhibit while I’m there too.

Total kms for the week: 38; 2 x5, 10 tempo


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