Sun Run 2014

This morning I woke up super early to run in the Sun Run!


I decided to leave my phone and iPod behind because it was suppose to rain throughout the entire morning. Because of this I didn’t get any pics!
I enjoyed my 2 large cups of coffee and headed into downtown to meet a friend of mine who was also running the race.
As we headed to the starting line it began to drizzle. I started to worry a bit because I chose to wear a tank top this year. Last year it was also drizzling so I wore 3 layers because I was worried I’d be cold – wearing that much was a huge mistake!
We found our way to the start and had to wait about 15 minutes before our wave went.

My knee has been bothering me more than usual these last few weeks…

and I was a bit worried about this run today. For me, running down hill is always the worst – it’s what bothers my knee the most. Unfortunately, the first kilometre of the Sun Run is downhill so my knee was bothered right from the start.
Coming up to 4km is when I spotted the much dreaded Burrard Bridge. Anyone who has done the Sun Run knows how awful that bridge is to get up to. You’re basically rounding the 5km mark on your hands and knees ascending to that bridge.
I checked my watch at this point (the halfway mark) and I was at 27 minutes. I was on track to meet my goal and finish in under 1 hour!
But then about half way across the bridge – when it starts to decline – my knee started to hurt badly. I ended up having to run/walk for the last half of the run. Even though it was disappointing that my knee wasn’t 100% today, I still finished faster than I did last year.
After crossing the finish line I didn’t see any water stations which I found odd. Everyone was being ushered into BC Place so maybe they had everything set up inside this year. The crowds were large and moving rather slowly so I left without getting any of the free eats they had. 😦 Maybe next year!
Sun Run 2015 is already on the calendar!

4 thoughts on “Sun Run 2014

  1. A fellow Sun Runner! After we actually got moving the weather turned out to be be pretty great, hey? I’ve been dealing with IT band problems and, like your knee, it’s always aggravated by going downhill. The last half of my race ended pretty much the same as yours! It was a great day regardless though. Congrats and good luck at the Scotia Bank Half!

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