Oooh this knee of mine!

It’s been over a week now and I’m still a bit sick! I’m beginning to think it may be allergies?!

Since the Sun Run my knee has been acting up worse than it has since the pain first started over two years ago. :/ Today’s long run of a planned 18 km started with this:

KT tape
KT tape
But unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. About 9 km into my run the pain started so I ended up only running 10 km today and added 30 minutes on the bike afterwards.
I first starting using KT tape about two years ago when my knee pain first started. I haven’t had to use it for almost a year now but the pain has been so bad (even just walking to the skytrain is agonizing) that I’ve had to start using it again. It’s probably time I focused on doing the strength exercises my PT told me I should be doing regularly.
Because my knee has been so bad this past week I sorta slacked on my workouts. But Jillian did kick my ass one day!

Monday          Rest

Tuesday         5 km hills

Wednesday   Jillian level 2, shred

Thursday       10 km, tempo

 Friday            Rest

Saturday        Rest

Sunday           10 km, 30 min bike

Starting this week those knee exercises will become a priority! The Scotia Half is coming up quick!

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