Must stay motivated!

It’s official..

I have to not run for a bit.

As much as it pains me to admit it, my knee will not get better if I keep trying to power through each run. With the half marathon only a month away I want to do my best to ensure that I can finish around my

goal time of 2:10.

I’ve already noticed my motivation/healthy choices/sleeping pattern changing for the worse as the reality of having to skip runs and get off track from my training schedule is setting in…

This is not going to be easy.

The elliptical and bike will have to do for now. Anyone else suffer this or a similar setback? How did you cope?

2 thoughts on “Must stay motivated!

  1. Good for you for realizing you need to take the time off! We runners are a stubborn bunch πŸ˜‰ and it can be hard to sit back and let things heal when we just wanna GO!

    I’ve been dealing with frustrating IT band issues since last August. I took a few months off running and it didn’t help. I started seeing a physiotherapist in December and things were on the right track, and then I took a few steps back, mainly because I was stubborn and pushed things too much. I’m back on the no-running wagon for a few more weeks until I start training for Seawheeze…albeit very slowly!

    When things got really bad right before Seawheeze last year I barely ran for the 4 weeks beforehand. Like you, I spent a lot of time on the bike. I also focused on doing a lot of weight training, using a moderate weight and high reps. I tried to rest as little as possible so I’d still get a good cardiovascular workout.

    Try not to let the healthy eating and sleeping fall too far to the wayside….your body needs both to recover and repair whatever’s going on! It’s also helpful (although admittedly difficult) to remember that in the big scheme of things, this is just one run. There are plenty of other runs in the future to go out and crush time goals at, so take care of yourself and just do what you can πŸ™‚

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