Going Organic and Cooking From Scratch!

This whole not running thing is a lot harder than I thought. Going to the gym and NOT running is completely foreign to me. Having to sit on the bike and see other people running on the treadmills is frustrating.

BUT I have to give my knee this downtime in order to be able to say I did my best to prepare for this half marathon that’s coming up.

I read this article the other day and it’s totally my same story. Hopefully all these strengthening exercises and time on the bike will pay off!

To stay on the healthy eating track I decided to look up some new recipes and try a couple of new things this week. I decided, since it’s getting too hot in my condo to be cooking every meal these days, that I would pick up stuff for wraps. A few simple new ideas I came across contained these dressings:

Organic dressings
Organic dressings
I’ve decided to get as many things organic as my budget will allow (being a student and all). It’s the small changes that add up, right?

I also ventured way out of my comfort zone and cooked a soup from scratch. I thought this recipe sounded like it could be good and went for it. It turned out amazing. Absolutely deliciously!

Chicken, leek and white bean soup from scratch
Chicken, leek and white bean soup

Trying new things like this willΒ  hopefully help keep my food choices healthy while I’m suffering without running!


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