To run or not to run…

The ScotiaHalf is tomorrow….

I went and picked up my bib and freebies and everyone there was super nice.

But my knee and now my upper left leg is bothering me. So I finally went back to my PT and asked for help.Β My PT has advised that I not run this half marathon.
He actually said I should stop running completely for the foreseeable future. :/
I don’t know what to do… the pain/soreness varies each day. One day it can be extremely sore/painful to the point where I can’t walk and the next day it’s completely fine.

What to do what to do!?


One thought on “To run or not to run…

  1. I wouldn’t run. If you are injured now it’s gonna be a whole lot worse in 13 miles. I think that you need a very accurate diagnosis. Sadly, I must agree with your PT but I know exactly what’s going on in your head.

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