It’s go time!

Being MIA for most of August once finals ended had been great! I really needed the down time after finishing my third consecutive semester since beginning back up at SFU last fall. But sadly the long weekend is pretty much over and classes start again on Tuesday at 8am for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This semester will be super stressful because it will make or break whether or not I graduate on time.

Reflecting on the last semester there’s definitely somethings that I think I need to work on. The main one I think it’s a normal sleeping schedule. While I’m a full time student and my schedule is expected to be a bit crazy given that my class times range from 8am to 830pm, I think I’d be a lot less stressed if I went to bed and woke up at decent hours consistently. Makes sense, right?

So my goals for this new semester are:

  • Up at 7am regularly (except the days I have super early class- those will be 5am mornings)
  • Food prep food prep food prep! My schedule will be extra busy and I’ll be on campus surrounded by vending machines all day. I’m gonna need a lot of snacks and quick healthy meals.
  • Exercise at least 4x a week. These last few months with a problem IT band and knotted sciatic have been awful. Sitting around moping hasn’t helped. I need to do more than just run and be diligent about it. I need some active friends!
  • Find active fun friends.
  • Run 10k in under 55 minutes by Christmas. This is my most recent long run. Taking the summer mostly off has added about 7 minutes to my 10k time. ย Not good! My goal for the Sun Run in April is under 50 minutes so I’ve got work to do.


I think five goals is a good start. It’s not going to be easy because anyone who knows me knows that I loooooooove to sleep. But it needs to happen.

Anyone else back to school this fall? Any tips for becoming a morning person?ย 

I need to stop saying this. From the instagram


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