Highs & Lows

It’s been a crazy few weeks getting back into the rhythm of a full course load after a couple weeks of doing nothing but Netflxing and vegging out. This past week of planned runs didn’t happen! The lows of city living got in the way. While living in the city is convenient and I wouldn’t want to live in a small town ever – it does have its downside.
The low of the week/month:
What's left of the window
What’s left of the window
I was heading out to mail my foodie penpal and found this ^^ Someone took a crowbar to about 15 cars in my buildings parkade 😦 Whyy!? I was not impressed. But considering what was done to some of the other cars mine got off easy.
The highs of the week/month so far are 1:
I finally mastered the topknot!
The pic isn’t the clearest (it’s actually really hard to take a pic of the top of your head;p) but I’ve been growing my hair for MONTHS so I’d be able to do this.
And 2: my foodie penpal package arrived today!! I’ll be posting about all the goodies I received at the end of the month!

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