Starting To Wind Down

I have been MIA for the last little while and it has been super stressful!
I’m ashamed to say that fitness and my overall life has pretty much been on hold this semester while focusing on keeping on top of all my coursework. To add to it, I had no idea that planning for a spring practicum would take up a lot of my fall semester time. You’d think this would be something that the school would share while course planning!?
Anyways, as the semester and year is coming to an end I have been thinking about things that I would like to accomplish in 2015. Namely, things that do not involve school and more school.
I noticed this year that a lot of people had the goal of running 14 races in 2014. So.. I have been thinking of taking on the rather lofty goal of running 15 races in 2015! I have looked at the schedule of races in my area planned for 2015 so far, and it looks like it would be doable.
If my practicum works out then I should have more time on my hands and weekends free which would make this goal for sure doable time wise! The only real worry I have is about my IT band. :/
Has anyone else started thinking about 2015 goals? Does 15 sound like a lot?!

3 thoughts on “Starting To Wind Down

  1. 15 races does sound like a lot to me since I only race 3-5 times per year; however, I think it could be really fun. Especially if many of them aren’t truly races but just replacements for your normal runs!

    Hope you’re able to take a little break from schoolwork this weekend!

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