It’s been a while…

With my crazy life I kept saying to myself that I would blog again next week while enjoying a big cup of coffee. But it just didn’t happen. So much has happened and changed in the last two years. TWO YEARS! That’s crazy. It feels like it’s only been a few weeks since I was last here. I definitely fell off the fitness track near the end of my degree and am surprised I made it through that last semester in early 2015 with so little sleep. But, starting this year in January I decided to restart my fitness journey. I know, I know everyone always has this goal at the start of a new year. But, this time I was determined.

I first started working out and being conscious of my health in 2010. The building I was living in had a gym with cardio equipment and I started biking and ellipticalling and eventually took the scary plunge and got on the treadmill. I had heard about the couch to 5 k plans that were out there and decided to start one. This is really when my love for running and working out started. I was hooked. I was so hooked that I ran myself right into a major injury – a detached fibula head. It sounds awful and it is. I’m still dealing with it and it flares up from time to time in a horrible way. It has limited me both physically and mentally over the last four years and this is something that I just recently started to accept and deal with. It is very frustrating to be doing well during a run (pace/distance/overall feeling great) and all of a sudden I’ll feel that all too familiar twinge at the side of my knee and I know that I need to stop or it’ll only get worse. I haven’t been able to truly push my physical limits with running for the last couple of years because of this injury and it’s very frustrating. Reading and seeing everyone’s training runs and races makes me want to get out there and run like crazy, but then I remember my knee. So this year I decided to stop the negative banter that goes on in my mind all the time about my knee. Yes, I am injured. Yes, it is limiting. BUT it’s not limiting with all things or all of the time. So instead of focusing and worrying about what I can’t do or not even trying because I don’t believe that I can anymore, I’m just doing it. And it’s been hard. Last year I definitely hit rock bottom with my fitness. My knee was at its worst and after being advised by my new chiropractor to let my knee and leg relax for a while the weight crept on! At this point my entire left leg was in knots and strained. Hello chronic ITBS and sciatic! I gained nearly 30 pounds. 30 pounds! I couldn’t believe it.

I knew I had put on a bit of new weight because my yoga pants and leggings were a bit tight, but I was shocked at the number. I suppose having your leggings get tight is a good indication of how much weight you’ve gained though! After googling around about entry-level fitness you can do at home, I noticed a theme… Jillian Michaels. I purchased her 30 Day Shred DVD a few years ago as a way of doing cross training at home, but it’s mostly been collecting dust these last few years. It was the most recommended ‘starter’ DVD by people who had been in my position before and wanted to get back into a workout routine. So I dug it out and started it January 1st. And OMG did I sweat. I thought I was going to pass out. It was so hard. But I kept at it and eventually advanced to level 2 and then level 3. During level 2 I started to research which DVD to do next. What would be the next level up for me? Ripped in 30 was the most recommended. So I bought it. And I did it. It was HARD. But I did it. Some days I woke up and was so sore I just didn’t want to. But I persevered. In February I started running again. I’m only doing shorter runs for now, nothing farther than 6 km to start, but it’s something. I’ve been active more days so far this year than I was all of last year – and I feel great about it.

Being back in school this fall has certainly consumed a lot of my time, but thankfully it’s a Health and Fitness studies program so being physically active is actually a requirement 😉

Taking that first step and doing that first workout was the most difficult, but if I hadn’t taken it then I’ll never reach my goals.



Do you workout at home? Or only at the gym? -I like to do cardio at the gym and weights and calisthenics at home.

What’s your favourite way to break a sweat? -Running


2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Welcome back! 🙂

    I like to do weights at the gym, although Adam and I just bought a house and he wants to create a gym at home so maybe that will change over the next couple of months!

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