Weekly Workout Recap: 01/01 – 01/07

To keep myself accountable and motivated this year I am going to post my weekly workouts here as well as any training plans that I do for races throughout the year.

This week was a great week for me! I signed up for the Old Guy Running challenge again and this time I’m doing The Phoenix which is 70 miles for the month. I’m a bit nervous because I can’t remember the last time I ran 70 miles (roughly 113 kilometres) in one month.

Sunday: 2.0 mile run in fresh snow. My calves were burning by the end and I thought about quitting a few times because of how uneven the ground was. Wompwomp. But I stuck it out. Slow and steady!

Monday: 3.5 mile run. The ground was still uneven and packed down which took its toll on my ankles by the end of this run. I also did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Level 1 afterwards. It’s about a 25 minute circuit of strength, cardio and abs.

Tuesday:Β  3.5 mile run. The ground was a bit better today and this run went by quickly. I can feel that my endurance is improving.

Wednesday: 4.0 mile run. This run took effort. It was so cold (-14) and windy! I did JM RI30 level 1 afterwards. The squats in this workout burn!

Thursday: I found a YouTube video with some basic stretching and did that today for twenty minutes. I woke up crampy so stretching was all I got done.

Friday: Rest day. The cramps were in full force so I vegged most of the day.

Saturday: 4.5 mile run. I was able to do this run without stopping once! I went at a super slow pace (13:00/mile) because the ground is still packed with ice and snow and I had a goal of not stopping until I hit the distance. I also did a 10 minute stretch session off of YouTube.

Total running distance: 17.5 miles

Jillian workouts: 2

Strength workouts: 0 but I did get 2 stretch sessions accomplished

On to week two of the Phoenix Challenge!


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