Weekly Workout Recap: 01/15 – 01/21

Everything here is now melting and there are rivers of slush everywhere! With the freezing of almost everything overnight it’s been too icy to run this week 😦 Instead I focused on staying active inside and getting my ass-kicked by Jillian Michaels. I was at Walmart this week and spotted a couple of her DVDs that I’ve been wanting for awhile now, 6 Week 6 Pack and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I’ve only read great things about them and their results so I bought them to add to my collection.

I’ve also decided to really make an effort to say no to things like chips and cookies. I feel like I eat mostly healthy meals, but snacking is definitely my downfall. I’ve been thinking about trying the Paleo way of eating for awhile now and have decided to give it a try. I won’t be following it 100% because I’m not perfect and do not think that it would be realistic for me. But focusing on avoiding the processed, packaged and instant foods is a priority if I want to drop these last 15ish pounds that I gained while injured and I know all my unhealthy snacking is a part of what has been hindering my progress.


The week of workouts looked like this:

Sunday: 2 mile run and RI30 level 1

Monday: Rest day. I shopped this day for all the healthy foods and some new workout DVDs.

Tuesday: BFBM. This was intense. There are no weights used during this DVD which is different compared to all the other JM workouts I have done. It’s also a longer workout at about 50 minutes compared to the usual 30 of the other JM workouts I have done.

Wednesday: I’m feeling the extra energy from not running and so I decided to do two DVDs this day – 6W6P level 1 and Killer Arms and Back level 1. Each was about 30 minutes and the KAB workout left my upper back and shoulders nice and sore the next day.

Thursday: BFBM again. I did this after a long day of reading and studying and it was great.

Friday: I felt like I was missing some weights this week so I did RI30L1 again. I like how it really makes my upper body burn and also forces me to use my legs for lunges and squats (which I hate doing).

Saturday: Rest day. I really need to catch up on some reading for school and get some assignments started which prepping for an upcoming quiz so I lazed today mostly and did all that.

Total running distance: 2 miles

Jillian workouts: 6

Strength workouts: 0

On to week four of the Phoenix Challenge! (hopefully)


Have you tried the Paleo way of eating? Any tips or advice?

Anyone else have to alter their workout plans because of the weather?



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