Weekly Workout Recap: 01/15 – 01/21

Everything here is now melting and there are rivers of slush everywhere! With the freezing of almost everything overnight it's been too icy to run this week 😦 Instead I focused on staying active inside and getting my ass-kicked by Jillian Michaels. I was at Walmart this week and spotted a couple of her DVDs … Continue reading Weekly Workout Recap: 01/15 – 01/21

2016 wasn’t what I expected

So much changed in 2016 and a lot of if was not what I had expected. I ran less this year than I ever have since I started running in 2010, focused on myself less than ever, traveled to no new-to-me places, spent more money than I earned for the first time in my adult … Continue reading 2016 wasn’t what I expected